Ongoing Project: Golden Reframing


Experimenting with mirror pieces, wire frames, silicone and 24 carat gold.


This project started at the exhibition

"Im Grünen", see pictures below. Pictures of "Golden Reframing" will be released in December 2017. 

The sizes vary between two-hand-size and human-size. Indoor and Outdoor. 


"Im Grünen" with Angela Dorrer & Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten / Christiane Spatt & Did Wallner

Saturday, 15. Oktober 2016, Haas Siedlung, Graben 8M / Krummweg k6, Klosterneuburg


In the context of Niederösterreich Tage der offenen Ateliers 2016


with special thanks for the cooperation:

Galserei Kain:

H + S Zauntechnik Ges.m.b.H.:


Commissioned Works


The special people in this series are always the clients.  And the work elaborated for the clients is conceptualized and realised especially for their inner and exterior space situation.

The work consists of three parts: The digital photo collage with arylic and oil color, a photography of the room situation without the collage and a photography of the room situation with the collage.


shown here:

Con_text, ICW, 2006

one of three printings. Digital Photo Collage made of private and dicretionary photographies, 20 x 30 cm

Find here more information about the project >>> 


Are you interessted in a work especially made for you? I´m looking forward to a message from you:



foreign affairs-arts alliances AUSTRIA – FIJI


An Art-Cooperation with Tessa Miller, Visual Artist, Fiji Islands


The first exhibition took place in Vienna from October 30th - November 6th 2013. 

More about the artworks under VISUAL ART-Intercultural-foreign affairs-arts alliances Austria-Fiji.

More about the project under ART PROJECTS-foreign affairs-arts alliances-foreign affairs-arts alliances Austria-Fiji.


The project will be continued.