Thessaloniki International Fair

September 11. – 19.2021



Series Alpha and Omega, ICW, 2021


The series Alpha and Omega by Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten ICW develops from the former work.


In this works now, developed in the last two years, she deals with the topics of life, thriving in specific frameworks- and death. Death from which rises and is intrinsically connected.. life and fresh striving.


Like in former works, a strong aspect of ICWs works is the getting in touch, perhaps the confrontation or alignment with oneself and the surrounding world, appearances, always changing, that are physically reflected in the symbolic signs of the mirror designs.

Latest exhibition:


Performance: Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten/ICW

Photography: Christian Rupp


in the context of the exhibition "La Promenade"

23rd – 27th June 2021

at WSB - Studiogalerie WUK


Ongoing Project:


"foreign affairs-arts alliances AUSTRIA – INDIA"

A project from Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten/ICW



on 27th of October2020, 7 pm

Venue: WUK, courtyard WSBStudio

Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Vienna


Opening: Ambassador Jaideep Mazumdar (Embassy of India in Vienna)


During the project ICW (AUSTRIA) got in touch with the Visual Artsists, who are living and working in INDIA: Vibha Galhotra, Shilpa Gupta, Mithu Sen


Ongoing Project:


"growing" - An Exhibition-Event from Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten and Ulrich Gottlieb

The exhibition event growing is a work in progress dedicated to the topic of growth and development and thriving. A closer look is taken on growing processes at different levels and in various areas in order to open an experimental space in the context of the phenomenon of growth increasing the transparency of unfolding and development. An invitation to the audience to investigate growing processes in a creative community-building process.


Dates of exhibition:

„growing!“ #2: 10.12.2019 – 23.12.2020, AKH Contemporary, Vienna

„growing“ #1: 16.10. – 02.11.2018, AKH Contemporary, Vienna

Ongoing Project:


"hooked and looped" - Performance by ICW

The artist ICW moves through an audience, looking, being a spectator herself. ICW search for and chooses objects of prestige and/or symbolic from the person she looks at. She collects the objects she got with hook and loop fasteners on her skin-colored body suit. Loaded with these objects becoming bulky her movement is slowed down. In further consequence ICW starts to put aside thing by thing. Returning to become a human being in his/her nature. Naked facts.


Dates of Performance:

29.04.2018, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City New York (USA)

19.05.2016, Salon Hofatelier, Vienna (A)

Ongoing Project:


foreign affairs-arts alliances - an intercultural art-collaboration project by ICW

To be a stranger – to become acquainted with each other. This is the tension-field which moves the project from Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten (ICW) „foreign affairs-arts alliances“. It is about an experimental art project where two or more artists with completely different backgrounds meet each other to work together. The collaboration involves a mutual understanding through the artistic process. Steps are taken to confront each other’s prejudices and stereotypes. A process of reconciliation in this confrontation.



Dates of projects:

2013, foreign affairs-arts alliances Austria-Fiji (Collaboration with Tessa Miller)

2009, foreign affairs-arts alliances Austria-United States of America: Steps to Hope

(Collaboration with Leslie Fry)

2008, foreign affairs-arts alliances Austria-Thailand (Collaboration with Morakot Ketklao)

2008, foreign affairs-arts alliances Austria-Mexico (Collaboration with Carlos del Carmen Vadivieso Chable)

2006, foreign affairs-arts alliances Austria-Nigeria (Collaboration with Ndidi Dike und Kaltoume Gana)

Ongoing Project:


Golden Reframing - Art-works with mirror pieces, wire frames, silicone and 24 carat gold.

The sizes of the art-works vary between two-hand-size and human-size. Indoor and Outdoor.

with special thanks for the cooperation:

Galserei Kain:

H + S Zauntechnik Ges.m.b.H.:


Commissioned Works


The special people in this series are always the clients.  And the work elaborated for the clients is conceptualized and realised especially for their inner and exterior space situation.

The work consists of three parts: The digital photo collage with arylic and oil color, a photography of the room situation without the collage and a photography of the room situation with the collage.


shown here:

Con_text, ICW, 2006

one of three printings. Digital Photo Collage made of private and dicretionary photographies, 20 x 30 cm

Find here more information about the project >>> 


Are you interessted in a work especially made for you? I´m looking forward to a message from you: