„foreign affairs-arts alliances AUSTRIA – NIGERIA“

An art-collaboration with Ndidi Dike and Kaltoume Gana

Concept, Curating, Organization and invitation for collaboration by ICW, 2006


In the year 2006 three artists met in Nigeria. The project-initiator Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten has been herself strongly confronted with the experience of being a foreigner as she worked in that country for a few monthes in the year 1994. Back to Austria she recognized that the selective and filtered pictures from Nigeria and the nigerian population given from the mass medias did not fit with her own made experiences. From that moment on she had the idea to search a closer work collaboration with a nigerian artist.

The connection between the artists constists of their experience of  living and working for a several time in completly different foreign countries. There they made formative experiences widening their own horizons. In this surroundings they are the others going to live in this new and incongnizable environment together. 

This project is the starting point for further face to face works on the topics being unknown and getting nearer to each other up to the point of becoming acquainted with each other. 


Joint Exhibition: Windspiel Galerie, Vienna, 17.10 - 03.11/2006