„foreign affairs-arts alliances Austria - United States of America: Steps to Hope“

An art-collaboration with Leslie Fry

Concept, Co-Curating, Organization and invitation for collaboration by ICW, 2008-2009


In the context of her fourth foreign affairs-arts alliances project Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten instigated a collaborative project with Florida and Vermont artist Leslie Fry, whose lively and energetic work engaged her interest through the internet. With no preconceived plan, the two worked together intensively for ten days starting March 2nd 2009. The United States, especially in early 2009, is inspiring. Excited by the themes of Hope, Change, and Communication, Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten began her U.S. visit in Washington D.C. during the inauguration of President Barack Obama. In October 2009 the two artists continued their collaboration in Vienna, Austria.


Joint Exhibition in the United States of America: studio@620, St. Petersburg, Florida (USA), 05.05/2009


Exhibition Opening: Andreas Stadler, Director oft he Austrian Cultural Forum New York / Wallace Wilson, Professor and Director oft he School of Art and Art History at University of South Florida, Tampa / Erika Greenberg, Master Printer and Owner of Bleu Acier Inc., Print Publisher and Fine Art Atelier, Tampa


Art-discourse „DIPLOMACY THROUGH ARTS ALLIANCES: foreign affairs-arts alliances Austria - United States of America: Steps to Hope"

Concept and Organization in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy Vienna

Amerika Haus, Vienna, 01.10/2009


Moderation: Stephanie Burks, U.S. Embassy Vienna

Panellist: Ambassador Dr. Emil Brix, Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, cultural policyDr. Monika Mokre, Institute for Culture Studies and History of Theatre, Austrian Academy of SciencesDr. Martina Königshofer, moving cultures, vidcLeslie Fry, visual artist, USAIsabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten, visual artist, Austria


Joint Exhibition in Vienna: Windspiel Galerie, Vienna, 05.10 - 16.10/2009