Con_text, ICW, 2006

3 prints on canvas, digital collages from private and openly available photographs, 7.8 x 11.8 in


The concept of the project „Con–text“ arises from the observation of the identity-establishing function of pictures, which leads to a boom of digital collage providers. I recorded this trend. Digital photo collages can be given to me in order. Their sizes and style depend on the wish of the commissioner. Tha aim of my work, is to create from this input and from photo material added by myself a personal panopticon of my client. Pictures, formulating the self-image of the commissioner, like a „carrying tissue“.

Shown here is a commisioned work, involving work experience as wells as experience with affection and healing, in combination with a photography of the room for which the work was created and a photography schowing the work at its intended place.