hooked and looped, ICW

Concept & Performance


The artist ICW moves through an audience. looking, being a spectator herself. ICW searches for and chooses objects of prestige and/or symbolic from the person she looks at. She collects the objects she got with hook and loop fasteners on her skin-colored body suit. Loaded with these objects becoming bulky her movement is slowed down. In further consequence ICW starts to put aside thing by thing. Returning to become a human being in his/her nature. Naked facts.


Dates of Performance:

29.04.2018, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City New York (USA)

in the context of „Spring Open House 2018 / Please Touch: Body Boundaries"

19.05.2016, Salon Hofatelier, 1020 Vienna (A)

in the context of the project "In Gesellschaft zur Gesellschaft VI – angek(l)ettet"

Concept: Petra Ganglbauer und Gertrude Moser-Wagner, organised by the Institut für Interaktive Raumprojekte in cooperation with Salon Hofatelier.

Perfomance, 2018: Mana Contemporary, Jersey City New York

Perfomance, 2016: Salon Hofatelier, Vienna