Veiled – It is only a piece of clothing, ICW and Greta Znojemsky, 2007

Concept & Performance: ICW and Greta Znojemsky

Performance: Walking the chador, 2nd of June 2007 in Vienna


Two Austrian visual artists in chadors visited worthwhile sights in Vienna. Covered from head to toe. Unrecognizable.


In the first part of the project ICw and Greta Znojemsky undertook excursions to Vienna‘s markets, supermarkets, cafes, parks and exhibitions in that clothing. These performances have been captured with photography and video. As second part of the project the two artists invited the public, women and men of any religion, to join them for half-day tours in Vienna, wearing chadors. No defoliation of sexualised bodies. Personally hidden but very visible at the same time. 


all pictures: @ Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten, Greta Znojemsky