KÜNSTLERMILCH / ARTIST´S MILK a performance, ICW, 2012

Nourishing ourselves from what we find in ourselves, as a female artist and as a human being.


In a cooperation with Klaus Pichler (Photography) and Ilse Chlan (Video). 

Concept & Performance: ICW; Photographic documentation: Klaus Pichler / Anzenberger Agency

Performance, small setting: 23rd of February 2012; Performance, public event: 9th of March 2012

Venue: Sala Terrena, Exhibition Center of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna



A radical change after many years of freelance work in the wide area of visual art, distinctively flexible.

How to deal with a turning point in one´s life?

Apparently undressed Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten (ICw) sits with her baby on a chair at a table in a neutral part of the room. She follows her usual new everyday life: Occupying her child, nourishing her child ... And she goes on: She pumps her breastmilk herself, drinks it herself, from artist‘s milk glass. Nourishing from herself. Obviously. Human breast milk, cheers.

„After the turning point in my life, birth of my child, I have to surrender my previous lifestyle. Relationships change, external stimulation decreases. The existing inner circle becomes more energy- and time-consuming. Being thrown back to the narrowest, simultanously new depths, a wide field opens up. I nourish myself and draw and create from myself“, so the artist about her performance.

From the subject of the performance emerges a series of numbered artist´s milk glasses.

all pictures: ©ICW; Klaus Pichler / Anzenberger Agency, 2012